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Shoes for Abuelita – PS to Opportunities to serve where ever we are.

In February we included a letter and story from our daughter and her family that are living in Guatemala for a year. The post was “Opportunities to serve where ever we are.

If you’re in the mood for something touching, Laurie put together into a short video about their experience buying shoes for the old lady in the market. It is titled “Shoes for Abuelita”. There are other videos at the same site if you are interested in more of their amazing adventures.

Shoes for Abuelita from Laurie Whiting on Vimeo.

Spring? As we look around we think it is coming . . . maybe it’s almost here!

We have been busy, busy, busy! That is what we want to be doing and we are seeing wonderful results. We have been visiting, talking on the phone, visiting, driving, driving, driving, and visiting. We have put over 3,000 miles on our car each month. Please use your influence to lower gas prices. We have made many friends and have had an increase in attendance at church meetings and in the quality of life of those we are meeting with.

We also have been enjoying the weather. It has been great and we think spring is really coming. As you can see from these pictures from the back of our apartment it is getting greener. Notice the flower beds are ready to have Sister Jackson add color! We love all the different kinds and colors of birds. Our landlady gave us a table and chairs for the patio area. We will enjoy eating outside this spring, summer and fall.

Spring fog out the back door

Another look at the fog

Can you see the bird feeder?

















We also started volunteering at Broad Acres, a Health and Rehabilitation Center. Once a week Elder Jackson calls the numbers for BINGO! He is very good at it and the residents already love him. Sister Jackson helps at the tables to be sure the called numbers get marked. We also take residents on walks and help out as needed. Here are pictures of the facility.

Broad Acres

Another View

Walk paths and Gazebo



Mission Training and District Meeting

This month we were blessed with many wonderful training meetings with President Topham, our mission president, and incredible missionary leaders.

But I only took some of the carrots!

President Topham and Elder Jackson



Our district, March 2012, just before transfers.


Training from our new District Leader

Perspectives from being out and about in Pennsylvania

On a walk today we saw a unique building.

Compared to WHAT???









We get to see many unique sites here in Pennsylvania. Hopefully these photos will give you a feeling for the sights that we get to see.

Near our apartment.


Yes, they even have highways with the paint test striping here.


One of the Natural Gas Wells being drilled in this area.

Blessings from great new friends

The challenge is not to endure the storms, but to be faithful while the storms rage. We are actively working with less active members as they make important choices in their lives. Many in our area are facing big challenges right now. We are grateful as we talk with them and teach them to see their hearts soften and their faces light up with joy as they choose to have the Lord back in their lives again. We admire the courage and determination they show as they move forward. We treasure their friendship and are blessed to know them.

We are grateful for the members who serve and set a great example for those around them. We love all our new friends.

One of our dear new friends is Sister South. A very talented lady.  She recently had several of her painting displayed in a local art show.

Sister South with one of her many paintings.

Sister South with her favorite painting displayed at this art show.

Zone Conference and Mission Training


Zone Conference was held in State College on March 7, 2012. We enjoyed excellent training and of course it is wonderful to be with the Elders and Sisters in our mission. We even got to help with some of the training, talking about the role of the Senior Couple Member and Leader Support Missionaries (that is the kind of missionaries that we are).


Darling Sister Missionaries


Elder Jackson and the boys, I mean Elders from our Zone.


The Williamsport Zone 3-7-12



Both Zones join to sing Happy Birthday to Sister Topham, the wife of the Mission President.


Elder and Sister Jackson