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Mormon Helping Hands Project at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, PA

We joined with over 300  church members and friends from the Williamsport Stake to help clean up the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds from the flood that occurred the first part of September 2011 (cresting about the 11th).

The fairgrounds under water September 9th, 2011


A house next to the fair grounds after the water receded.


Then arrived the Mormon Helping Hands . . .

We had a group from our Branch . . . 7 of us to be exact.

The mighty 7 from the Mansfield Branch

This photo was taken after we finished and you can see we are a bit dirty and very tired.

The Historic Farmhouse where we cleaned out the cellar/basement


The mighty Strattons


Elder Jackson of the Fabulous Jacksons

A hard working son of a member family

Four Elders joined our group just in time to carry out this very heavy thingamajig!

The Winners!

We shouldn't be surprised that they got it out of the cellar . . . just look at those muscles!


Our awesome group with David Millard, PA State Rep. and member of Fairgrounds Board.

The pile of STUFF and DIRT that we took out of the cellar/basement.

We were told by David Millard that in the 18 years he has been involved with the fairgrounds on the board he didn’t even realize that there was a cement floor in the farm house basement. It had never been cleaned out and swept so well before. He also didn’t think it was possible to clean it that well . . . let alone to do it 3 hours! Yeah Mormon Helping Hands.

Lunch for all the hungry workers.

Lines and people everywhere . . . but plenty of food.

It was a wonderful experience to be part of making such a huge contribution to the area of Bloomsburg. We enjoyed the 2 hour + drive each way and time to spend with our branch members.


A fun night of talent from Knoxville, PA

We have some dear new friends who live in Knoxville, PA. They invited us to an evening of dinner (awesome fish fry) and vignettes by the Knoxville Community Players and young people from Parkhurst School.

Enjoy these pictures. It is not the same as if you were there with us, but it is the best we can do right now.

But That's Not Fair - Parkhurst Puppets


As The Stomach Turns

Signing to Music


Edelweiss with the Parkhurst Young People and their bells


The Old Folks


Guess What's Coming to Dinner


Gone with the Breeze


Scarlett and Rat


New Missionary Couple arrives in our district.

We are excited to welcome Elder and Sister Abbott to our mission . . . especially since they will be serving in our district. We get to see them each week at our district meetings.

Here we are at lunch after district meeting at our new favorite Chinese Buffet restaurant. The young Elders take advantage of the all you can eat part.

Beginning the feast

Ohhhhh, that tastes good.

Our new Senior Couple, the Abbotts

Enjoying eating together

I wonder if we will start speaking Chinese soon with all this good Chinese food. By the way, the place mats show Sister Jackson and Elder Jackson very compatible according to the Chinese calendar. That is a good thing and certainly TRUE!

Service opportunities everywhere . . . and very rewarding

We enjoy volunteering at the Broad Acres Health and Rehabilitation Center. We love to see all our new “older” friends each week.

Dinner with other volunteers

They had a volunteer thank you dinner. We enjoyed meeting and visiting with other volunteers.

Stake Prepardness Fair – April 2012

The Stake hosted a preparedness fair. They had many displays and a good turnout.

Go Bags

Survival Kits

Energy Efficiency Ideas

Sample wall. Off Grid house uses wind and sun.


Lots of displays

Children, ducks, and chicks.



Stepping into the past in the present

We have been visiting and teaching a wonderful lady and her daughter. She has an amazing house. Makes you feel right at home in the past . . . today!

Home sweet home.

The fire looks so warm and inviting.

Learning from the North Side of the Mountain

A shipbuilding company had this statement in its advertisement: “All of our timber comes from the north side of the mountain.” Why the north side? What does that have to do with timber? After investigation, I found out that the best timber grows on the north side of the mountain because of the rigors of Mother Nature. The snow is deeper and the cold is colder, the winds are stiffer, and the sun is not as warm as the south side of the mountain. The harshness of the weather is a contributing factor to the toughness of the timber.

[We received the above thought, “The North Side” – Author Unknown, from another missionary couple. We thought we would pass it on.]

The North Side of the Mountain


Human character is not much different from timber. Often the best in personality grows on the “north side of the mountain.” We grumble about our hardships and difficulties, yet those difficulties help us to grow and become mature. Each of us can look at our lives and see that the times when we made the greatest personal progress were probably when we were living on the “north side of the mountain.”

We are learning that the rigors of missionary work can be difficult, but as the “North Side” stated, it is the struggles that make us strong, not only as missionaries but in the following years as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, as we continue to build up the kingdom. As senior missionaries, we are still in the strengthening process and learning important lessons. We recognize that we are learning lessons in the mission field that we couldn’t learn any other way. We love the Lord and we love this work! Remember no matter what you are doing you are making a difference where you are. You make a huge difference in our lives and we are blessed to know and love you. The Jacksons



Easter with our adoptive family

We are very blessed to have been adopted by a wonderful family. They allowed us to join in their Easter dinner and party the Saturday before Easter. There were about 50 of them to celebrate with. We are very blessed. We have many families and friends that we love.

A garage full of family. Sister Jackson passes out hot rolls.

Elder Jackson fills his plate.

Drawing pictures in the driveway.

Getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt. Can you find the triplets? They are dressed alike.

The egg hunt begins.

Visiting Teaching – Sisters serving Sisters

A visiting teacher helps sisters know they are loved, helps them grow, and serves them in times of need. We have been seeing some incredible service provided by our sisters here in the Branch. We had 99% visited this month and 100% last month. New friendships are being formed and sisters are enjoying serving one another. We have a new program for reaching all the sisters that seems to be working. This week at church we had handouts for the sisters to take and deliver. Many of the sisters have purchased dollar store frames for the sisters that they teach and each month they take them a new thought or saying to change out in the frame. This is keeping the thoughts and lessons in their minds all month long. We love the excitement that it is bringing to our Branch Relief Society.

Visiting Teaching handouts for April


We had fun making gifts for the Branch members for Easter.

Fixing the jars

Adding tags and decorations

Jars and sample cookies at church for pick up

Easter Videos available

If you haven’t already heard about these bible videos here is information and links. Enjoy.

To commemorate Easter, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) has released “He Is Risen,” a new Bible video portraying the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The video incorporates the days leading up to the Savior’s Resurrection and includes segments of the recently released Bible videos “Triumphal Entry,” “The Last Supper,” “The Intercessory Prayer,” “Christ in Gethsemane,” “Peter’s Denial,” “The Savior’s Trial before Pilate,” “The Scourging and Crucifixion,” “The Laying of the Lord’s Body in the Tomb” and “The Savior’s Resurrection.

President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the Church’s First Presidency, said the short videos follow faithfully the scriptural account of Jesus Christ’s life from the King James Version of the Bible.

The Church has released a number of free Bible videos, and they’re all available at Read more about the Bible videos: Jesus Christ’s Life Leading Up to His Resurrection Portrayed in New Bible Videos

He Is Risen Bible Video.