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Changes, Changes, and more Changes

This week has been busy with lots of visits, lessons, and training with the Mission President. We love staying busy.

We are starting to teach a  a 15 step Stop Smoking program and so have been telling people about it and getting those interested ready to begin. It only takes 1 week of 15 steps, the same 15 steps each day. We are excited for those that are starting this next week. We will give an update of the successes.


This was a busy Sunday for us. The Branch Presidency here was changed. Our new Branch President is President Brown. Elder Jackson was released as 1st Councilor from the old Branch Presidency and sustained as the 1st Councilor in the New Branch Presidency. We also found out that our ward at home was divided and we are now in the newly formed Daybreak 13th Ward. We will miss our friends  from the 8th Ward, but since we are only a couple of blocks away we can still see them often.

Memorial Day Weekend and Indian Pow Wow

We attended an Indian Pow Wow this weekend. We felt like it was fitting to learn more about and honor those who also fought in the Revolution and early beginnings of our country.

Modern day warrior

Our member family and their tent.

Indian camp

Beautiful Indian clothing and bead work

One of the Colonist camps


Minute Men getting ready for a reenactment

Sister Jackson with our Indian member. She made all her clothes, jewelry, etc.

Progress with Missionary Activity

We wanted to share some interesting statistics. We have been here 6 months. These charts show some of the changes that have been happening. The most important changes, however, are in the lives of the people that we are working with. These charts illustrate the new activity of less active and investigators in our area.

The month of May is not over yet . . . So the May totals will look better by the end of the month.

This chart below illustrates the current breakdown of membership in our branch. Our effort is to increase the percentage of active members and reduce the percentage of less active members. When we came there were NO returning members so we are making progress!

May Palmyra Temple Trip

We had a beautiful drive to Palmyra, New York. The mountains look like a lush green carpet. We had a wonderful time at the temple. So nice to have it warm with flowers blooming.

Some of our group visiting outside the Temple.

Quite a contrast from the cold weather. Love the green and the flowers.

The Palmyra Temple from the parking lot.

Scripture reading with a new light

Elder Jackson enjoys a quiet moment outside to read his scriptures.

Elder Jackson being enlightened by the scriptures while enjoying the spring weather. Notice the light coming from his head or is the light hitting his head? Either way it must have something to do with reading the scriptures!


A wonderful way to read the scriptures.

Enjoying SPRING!

We are loving all the GREEN that we see everywhere. And you don’t even have to water!

Green, Green, everywhere!

On the road to visit . . . we are blessed to have such beauty around us.

They love dandelions! They are everywhere. And to think that at home I pay grandkids a penny for each one they pick. I'd be broke in 5 minutes!

Mission Leadership Training

We love to get together and learn with and from these amazing missionaries. Here is the group at the Leadership Training in State College, 5-10-12.

A great group of missionaries.

Memories old and new

Since we were close to State College and had meetings there on Thursday, we spend Wednesday seeing some of the places that Sister Jackson had been when she lived in State College many years ago.

We walked and drove around Historic Bellefonte, PA

Bellefonte Train Station

We found some trains from the late 1800's. Elder Jackson is in heaven.


We saw the hospital in Bellefonte where Melissa and Kimberli were born. It is a government building now however.


This is the Meyer Dairy farm where Sister Jackson used to get her milk.


The same glass milk bottles. What a memory.

The house Sister Jackson lived in during the time they were at Penn State.

Penn State Campus - Old Main


Penn State Campus . . . Love the trees


We met and had dinner with Sister Jackson's friend Ahmed Banya. They were in the same ward in Lindon, UT. He is now a student at Penn State. Left to right: Ahmed, Elder Jackson holding Adamells, Aminata, and Sister Jackson holding Evealla.

We had a wonderful day filled with lots of memories.

MLS Missionary Couples Workshop 5-8-12

We traveled to Altoona, Pennsylvania for a MLS (Member and Leader Support) Missionary Couples Workshop on May 8th.

President Topham give us counsel.

Elder Jackson shared about our experiences in the Mansfield Branch.

And of course, lots of food to eat!

Elder and Sister Jackson enjoy a tasty and nutritious lunch.

We spent the morning learning about each other and our varied areas of the mission. After lunch we shared ideas and solutions to the challenges we face as MLS missionaries.

An incredible group of faithful, committed, and loving missionary couples.




Special Expression of Thanks

Some people that we have been teaching gave us this unique and beautiful hand made walking stick to thank us for inviting them embrace the Gospel.

Hand made walking stick

Engraving up close

We love them and are grateful for their special talents.