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Branch Father’s Day Dinner

We had a wonderful turnout to our Branch Father’s Day Dinner. We had 53 that attended. Of those, 10 were investigators, 14 less-active members, along with 29 active members.

We had a wonderful salad bar.


Lots of families.


Four kinds of lasagna and fresh bread. Notice our Branch Happenings activity poster. We have more events each month.


Plenty for everyone.


And of course lots of deserts and fruits. I wonder why Elder Jackson is at the front of the line . . . again!


Everyone had a wonderful time.




Our little corner of the world

During our early morning walks we see wonderful sights. Here is some of what we see. Come join us and walk in the beauty of this area of our town.


Phlox bloom along our walking path, out along the roads, and in the fields.


Out for an early morning adventure.


Does this make you want to come and visit us just to see the beauty here?


Sue, our wonderful landlady worked with us and together we planted some flowers by our apartment.


Love the color!

Beauty all around us

Each week as we drive to District meeting we see wonderful scenery. Enjoy the beauty of north-north-central Pennsylvania.



Green as far as you can see.


Clouds and sun are beautiful here.


Mansfield University from the highway.




Big Changes for our District



Zone Elders at Stake Conference . . . You're the one we want to teach!



Our last District Meeting together. What a great group! (Elder Jackson is taking the picture)


Our two departing Elders. They have been awesome missionaries. We will miss them. We wish them well as they complete their mission and move on with their lives.