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Another gathering of the Mitchell clan . . . the family that adopted us here in Pennsylvania

The occasion was Jerry and Patti’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Here is the happy couple.

Celebrating in Sue's Garage.

And of course the food was delicious. We had a wonderful time visiting with our family away from home. Thanks Mitchells!

Zone Training Meetings and DON’T PET THE RATTLESNAKE!

We have been very impressed by the training given by the Zone Leaders in our Zone Training Meetings. We are so blessed to work with and learn from these exceptional Elders.

The Awesome Williamsport Zone


Sister Jackson was lucky enough to get to teach Primary Sharing Time. She shared a story by Elder David Sorensen as follows.

My mind raced back to the days of my youth on the farm. In the summertime one of our responsibilities was to haul hay from the fields into the barn for winter storage. My dad would pitch the hay onto a flatbed wagon. I would then tromp down the hay to get as much as possible on the wagon. One day, in one of the loose bundles pitched onto the wagon was a rattlesnake! When I looked at it, I was concerned, excited, and afraid. The snake was lying in the nice, cool hay. The sun was glistening on its diamond back. After a few moments the snake stopped rattling, became still, and I became very curious. I started to get closer and leaned over for a better look, when suddenly I heard a call from my father: “David, my boy, you can’t pet a rattlesnake.”

She then explained to the children that during Sharing Time they would be talking about reading, listening and watching things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.  The media (television, radio, movies, newspapers) are full of rattlesnakes.  The media can help/benefit us greatly, but rattlesnakes in the media can harm and poison us if we aren’t careful. She made some colored paper snakes to help teach the children learn how to be careful around the things we read, listen to and watch.

Each rattlesnake had a number on him that matched a rattlesnake picture on the board.

The paper snakes. Remember . . . BE CAREFUL NOT TO PET THE RATTLESNAKE!

The far upper left picture is from the story. The others are some of the pictures she used to teach the lesson.

The seven rattlesnakes to go with the paper snakes.

The pictures on the back of the snakes for discussion.

She talked about the Internet, Music, Books, Magazines, Television, Movies, and Video Games. Then she talked about how to choose the right media. The children seemed to enjoy it and each child/family took home a snake and handout so they could teach the Family Home Evening lesson for their family. And of course Sister Jackson had a great time.



Sad . . . Happy and Branch Happenings for August . . . Also, fun with nature

This week has been sad . . . one of our members lost their baby. She was 8 months pregnant. It was their first child. On a happier note . . . another member had a new baby girl, strong and healthy.

We have many plans for the next few months to involve and excite our Branch. We feel the enthusiasm of the members and hope to keep it going.

Upcoming events and activities. Lots of learning, fun, and spiritual events.

We are enjoying the beauty of Pennsylvania and the birds and animals in our back yard.

Squirrels and birds galore!

Checking out the area while eating the BIRD FOOD!


Beautiful flowers that just keep blooming.

Relief Society Temple Trip and July Charts

Our Relief Society group at the Palmyra Temple, July 30, 2012 with Priesthood support.


We love going to the Temple together.


Many pictures of the Branch Happenings for June-July


As our charts show we have been busy!