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Branch Activity – Pioneer Celebration Picnic

To celebrate Pioneer Day we had a Branch picnic. It was fun and we had a good group in attendance.

Gathering for the picnic.

Gathering for the picnic.


Lots of friends to visit with.



And of course, plenty of delicious food.


A happy group.


Families and friends.


Great cooks!


Many to visit with.


New friends to meet.




We love to eat.


And visit while we are eating.


Many friends gather.


Enough food for everyone.


We filled up the park area.


Everyone enjoyed each others company.


Perfect weather.


For eating and visiting.


Singing . . .


Eating . . .


and being with friends.


A beautiful park to relax in.


Time for fun and games.


Tug of war.


the other end of the rope.


Ready, set, go!


Playing tag.


And grab the sock . . .


Some are just toooooo fast.


All are determined.


Watch out behind you!

A P-Day Activity to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon with the Lock Haven and Mansfield Missionaries

We took a fun day for a beautiful hike at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The Sisters from Lock Haven and the Sr. Couple from Lock Haven joined the Mansfield Sisters and us for the activity.

We had an early breakfast at our apartment before we left for the hike.

We had an early breakfast at our apartment before we left for the hike.


The weather was perfect to eat outside.


Some of us ate inside.


It was great to have help in the kitchen.


Cute missionary sisters!


What a view!


And we begin the journey down to the bottom of the canyon.


The sister found a cave?? to sit under.


A bigger one.


Sister power as this Sister holds the rock up by herself.


We love these awesome sisters.


Elder Jackson supervises.


Love the waterfall and of course the cute Elder.


Sisters getting lots of pictures.


Companions and friends forever.


Beautiful sisters and scenery.


Taking a break.


She did NOT go in the water . . . but she got as close as possible!


Checking out bridge structures.


What a beautiful area. This Sister saw it up close and personal.


We all made it all the way down AND back up!


They said this trail is only 1 mile down but 5 miles coming back up. Yup! They are correct.


Back at the apartment for lunch and to check emails. Keep those letters coming.


Checking emails while waiting for lunch.


We love these Sisters.


Another Update on Melissa – July 29, 2013

We told you we would keep you posted. Here is the latest news and update from Melissa. This letter is from Sunday, July 28. 2013

Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for your prayers. I have felt them this week. I began the radiation treatments on Monday. I will have 15 treatments total, one each day, excluding weekends and holidays. I had three treatments last week. (Mon, Tue, and Fri. …Wed was a holiday. Thu the machine was not working.) Once I finish the treatments (currently scheduled to finish Aug 13), the doctor says they’ll do another MRI in two months to see how things are looking. As I understand it, the radiation doesn’t kill the cancer cells, it just damages them. However, unlike a healthy cell, a cancer cell cannot repair itself, so it eventually dies. But that takes time to occur.

The treatment itself is simple, for my part. (The technology behind it, on the other hand, is quite amazing.) I lay on a moving table with my head clamped down tight with a mask (so my head doesn’t move at all), and I move in and out of the machine. The treatment only takes 5-10 minutes maybe. Before each treatment they do a CT scan to confirm the location of everything, and then they gel that image with the computer so it can adjust as needed to be able to hit the target points for the day. Everything takes about 20 minutes. The staff does all they can to make me comfortable and relaxed. One of the technicians even decorated my mask so it looks like Cat Woman. (Unfortunately, the slinky outfit is not included. :-] )

I know your prayers have helped me. I was quite nervous leading up to Monday. I wanted to feel confident that it was the right next step, and I was concerned about the possible side effects. But then I decided, all I really need to know is…is this the right thing to do? If it is, then what follows doesn’t matter. So I prayed to feel peaceful about everything, and I did feel that assurance. I know your prayers were a part of that. I also prayed to feel grateful for the treatments, because I believe that frame of mind helps a body heal, and I also wanted to acknowledge the blessing of having options, and living near facilities and doctors who can help me. That understanding and acknowledgement came as well.

Another blessing…before I saw the medical oncologist on July 5, after the PET scan, I had had an instance when my eyes were acting funny. My vision was kind of blurry and off. It didn’t last long, and only happened once, so I didn’t think much of it, but when I had my doctor appointment (on the 5th), I felt very strongly that I needed to mention it to him. So I did. It was after that that he said that we should probably get another MRI, which turned out to be fortuitous. To my knowledge he was not planning to have me get one prior to my comment. I don’t consider it a coincidence that he suddenly decided to. Heavenly Father certainly watches over us.

Thank you again for your love, prayers, words of encouragement, and concern. You lift and strengthen me so much. I love you.

We appreciate your love and support and prayers in her behalf. Thanks, the Jacksons

District Meeting – last one before changes????

This week we had a wonderful District Meeting. The missionaries in our district are amazing. After a spiritual high they voted for a goofy picture.

We have fun together.

We have fun together.


Love the camera that can be set to do 3 shots in a row.


The Sisters didn’t wait for the 3rd picture! They are always on the move.












There are changes coming to our district. In preparation for that we inspected apartments. The sisters will stay in Mansfield. The Elders will be moving around. Our District Leader will be moving. We will miss him but he will still be in our Zone so we can see him again at our next Zone Training meeting. After inspecting their apartment we took the Elders to lunch.

The apartment was so clean that we had to pose some pictures.

The apartment was so clean that we had to pose some pictures.



Making sure everything is neat and clean.


An amazing job on having a clean apartment.


Even the drawers are organized.


We went to a fun diner in town and watched them cook our food right in front of us. Great home-style cooking.


Update on our daughter Melissa

I wanted to give you an update on our daughter Melissa. Here is an excerpt from a letter from her with the current status.


“I wanted to report on the recent PET scan that I received on June 27, and an MRI they ended up doing on July 11.

“The scan looked the same as the last, which means the new spots didn’t go away, but they didn’t grow either. So, the doctor says he’s okay with that for the moment, and doesn’t plan to change the protocol.

“Since it had been a while, the doctor ordered a brain MRI. (The last one was a year or over a year ago. I had had one spot in the brain, which one radiation treatment seemed to take care of.) The results from the MRI showed several spots in the brain: two larger (one 2 cm in diameter, one 1 cm in diameter) and a number of smaller ones (1/2 cm or less) spread throughout. The spot from before had not returned, so that’s one good thing, but the others certainly weren’t what we were expecting.

“This week I met with a radiation oncologist. Because the spots are throughout the brain they want to do full brain radiation, which is a series of treatments, so they can make sure and get everything, even some that may be there but not seen yet. I’m a little nervous to be that extensive with the radiation, but doing my best to be prayerful to know what is the best course. The current plan is to start the treatments this Monday (2:20 p.m.). Feel free to pray that the doctors will be guided, that the machinery will act with precision, and that I can be brave and grateful for the technology and understanding.”

We invite you to join us in praying for her. We will keep you posted. The Jacksons

July’s Linger Longer

We love our Linger Longer’s. It is fun to visit and of course eat!

The Sisters enjoy visiting.

The Sisters enjoy visiting.


Everyone likes to talk.


And smile for the camera.


The food is great!


Even the little ones love it.


All ages visit.


Zone Training for the Williamsport Zone – July 2013

We love being taught by the Missionaries. They are amazing and their lessons are very inspirational.

Teaching our Zone about unity.

Teaching our Zone about unity.


Everyone pays attention.


Asking questions to teach a point.


And of course “Role Plays”


Trying to get everyone in and ready for the picture.


Are they ready yet?


A goofy one to get ready for . . .


A serious one?

Cumorah Pageant 2013

We are making several trips to the Pageant this year with members and investigators. We will keep adding to the pictures in this section for all trips.

Two of our friends with King Noah and Abinadi.

Two of our friends with King Noah and Abinadi.

Scene from the pageant

Scene from the pageant

Here are pictures from trip #2

Picking up friends to go to pageant.

Picking up friends to go to pageant.


Two Cute girls!


Loading up the cars.


Visiting before the pageant begins.


Brother McCardell keeps us entertained.


Elder Jackson visits before the program begins. Can you see the stage in the background?


Ready for the show to start.




















The 3rd and last trip.

Posing with the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Posing with the Prophet Joseph Smith.


And one of the Wise Men.


And then the wind whipped up. Look at the flags and notice the storm blowing in.


Some of the cast huddle as the rain starts. Rain, Rain and more rain.













It rained and poured until time to start. They waited an extra 10 minutes and then the lightening started and so they had to cancel the performance. It was sad to miss the program. The Visitor Center was wonderful however. We had fun and made it home safely through all the lightening, thunder, and rain.




Mission Couples Conference July 2013 and District Meetings

We had a wonderful conference with the couples in our mission. It was our last conference for our mission. We will miss these wonderful people.

This is the fabulous group of couples currently serving in our mission

This is the fabulous group of couples currently serving in our mission

It seems that we are always eating when we show you pictures of the Elders and Sisters. I usually don’t take pictures of the training so that is why.

After our District Meeting in Towanda.

After our District Meeting in Towanda.


In Williamsport with the Zone Leaders after our interviews with President Topham and District Training.


We love these missionaries.


And they love to EAT!


July begins with FIREWORKS!

Branch Happenings for July 2013

Branch Happenings for July 2013

Families gather on the church lawn to wait for the fireworks.

Families gather on the church lawn to wait for the fireworks.


Plenty of time to visit while we wait for it to get dark.


This cute Elder Jackson keeps getting into my pictures . . . well, he is just always there in front of the camera. He must be my camera magnet.


The Sisters join us as friends gather for the activity.


Some came dressed for the occasion.


Lots gathered to celebrate.


Finding little frogs everywhere . . . still waiting for the fireworks show to start.



The cutest Elder in the whole mission!

Plenty of fireworks!

Plenty of fireworks!

We had a wonderful July evening with the Quimbys at their camp at Ives Run camp ground. Good food, good company, and beautiful scenery.

Getting the fire ready for the barbeque.

Getting the fire ready for the barbeque.


Elder Jackson supervises


A beautiful campground


Getting the food ready in this cool “keep the bugs off the food” covering.


We love the beauty of Pennsylvania