Cumorah Pageant 2013

We are making several trips to the Pageant this year with members and investigators. We will keep adding to the pictures in this section for all trips.

Two of our friends with King Noah and Abinadi.

Two of our friends with King Noah and Abinadi.

Scene from the pageant

Scene from the pageant

Here are pictures from trip #2

Picking up friends to go to pageant.

Picking up friends to go to pageant.


Two Cute girls!


Loading up the cars.


Visiting before the pageant begins.


Brother McCardell keeps us entertained.


Elder Jackson visits before the program begins. Can you see the stage in the background?


Ready for the show to start.




















The 3rd and last trip.

Posing with the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Posing with the Prophet Joseph Smith.


And one of the Wise Men.


And then the wind whipped up. Look at the flags and notice the storm blowing in.


Some of the cast huddle as the rain starts. Rain, Rain and more rain.













It rained and poured until time to start. They waited an extra 10 minutes and then the lightening started and so they had to cancel the performance. It was sad to miss the program. The Visitor Center was wonderful however. We had fun and made it home safely through all the lightening, thunder, and rain.




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  1. Elder and Sister Oviatt (MTC Group 2011) says:

    We will continue to include your daughter in our prayers. May the doctors and technicians be guided to know what and how to do the things that will be of most benefit. We know that your faith and hers will be a great strength to all of you as she goes through her treatments. God bless her and you, and all concerned. Sending our love and prayers,
    Barrie and Pat Oviatt
    (formerly of the Mississippi Jackson Mission, Nov. 2011 to May 2013)

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