Lunch with our Mitchell Family and loading the car and trailer . . . twice

Our wonderful landlady, Sue, took us to lunch in between loading the car and cleaning the apartment.


Sue and Elder Jackson at lunch

Lunch with Sue

Pat and Jerry Mitchell came too.

We will miss the Mitchell family. They adopted us while we were here. Sue is the BEST landlady in the world.

We seem to have more than we brought!

We seem to have more than we brought! Elder Jackson looks a bit concerned.














We had the trailer almost loaded and started on the car. We are really good at packing.

The packed car

The packed car from the back.


Another view . . . we are getting good at packing . . . maybe.



The loaded trailer. We made it. It is all in!


Tuesday morning, trying to hitch up the trailer to the car. Hmmmm. this is NOT working. The trailer AND the car are toooooo heavy.


Unpacking the trailer Tuesday morning . . . when we thought we were ready to leave.


Deciding what to take and what to leave. Brother and Sister McCardell came to help.


The repacked car. We had to eliminate the weight in the car to get the trailer to hitch up.


We did it . . . but left many things behind with all our happy memories.




















We are finally on our way. We will post a trip report later.



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  1. Elder and Sister Oviatt (MTC Group 2011) says:

    Congratulations! Hope your travels are safe ones! So nice to have been able to share your adventures! Bon Voyage!

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