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Relief Society Temple Trip and July Charts

Our Relief Society group at the Palmyra Temple, July 30, 2012 with Priesthood support.


We love going to the Temple together.


Many pictures of the Branch Happenings for June-July


As our charts show we have been busy!

Mission activities . . . Zone and District leader changes and a gathering of all the Senior Couples

Our district before the changes. We love these Elders!

Our new District with a new District and new Zone leader. We love these new Elders too!

When we came last November we were one of 4 MLS (Member and Leader Support) couples. Now we have 12 MLS couples; 2 office couples, 1 medical couple, and 2 Family History couples and of course our wonderful Mission President and his wife.

What a wonderful group of Senior Couples.

The room was FULL!

All of us together.

Without the cameras in front.

If you are thinking about serving a mission and you are a Senior Couple . . . Elder and Sister Jackson recommend the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission. We are so grateful to be here in this place at this time.


Hill Cumorah Pageant

We were lucky enough to make three trips to the pageant in Palmyra, New York. We took a car full of people each time. We had a wonderful time and loved getting to see the pageant over and over. We also went to the temple on one of our trips and were blessed to participate in some sealings where a dear sister of our branch was sealed with her siblings to her parents and her parents sealed to her grandparents and the grandparents were sealed to their parents or her great grandparents. There must have been celebrations going on in heaven that day.

Here is our group outside the Palmyra Temple. The sister sitting on the bench is the one that was sealed to her parents.

With our landlady and participants in the pageant

They had many displays and costumes from pageants in the past as this was the 75th anniversary of the pageant.

The seats are starting to fill up several hours before it begins. Can you see the statue of Angel Moroni over the tops of the trees on the left of the stage?

This is a closer view. Love the Zoom lens!

Visiting with performers is a highlight of the pageant experience.

More of our group enjoying the costumes and characters.

Tristen with his hero Nephi.

Part of the 800 cast members

The Savior visiting the Book of Mormon peoples


Branch Food Drive

It is wonderful to see the giving spirit of our Branch. Many hardly have enough food for their own families, yet they chose to donate to help others with greater needs than their own.

Our car filled with food to take to the local food bank

We love serving here!

Our Branch President and his wife helped load our car

The Relief Society 1st Councilor and Secretary also helped

Third Baptism for July and another “Linger Longer”

We are so excited that John Cummings choose to be baptized while we are here. He is an amazing man and is so happy. His wife has been an active member their whole marriage of 27 years. As you can imagine she is very happy as well.  It is incredible to see the physical change that happens as people have His image in their countenances.

A very happy John Cummings and Elder Jackson

With the happy wives

John with a couple of his grandchildren


We had a wonderful group for the Linger Longer




Second Baptism for July!

Saturday, July 7th, we had a baptism of a wonderful 9 year old boy. He wants to be like the prophet Nephi, and do what the Lord wants him to do. We sang Nephi’s Courage as the opening song.

Elder Jackson and Tristen

Tristen and the "Elders"

The Elders came and spoke and gave support. Elder Jackson baptized him and then confirmed him at Sacrament meeting the next day.

Tristen and his family after church.

All American Breakfast at the Branch

To celebrate the 4th of July our Branch had an “All American Breakfast” on Saturday, July 7th.

Many arrived to begin eating at 8am. As you can see, there was lots of delicious food.

This cutie had been up all night helping ??? her family move but still had a great appetite.

She loved the strawberries.

The Zone and District leaders came for the event (really for the baptism that was after).

We had a great group. Can you find Elder Jackson?

We had a wonderful group to share our celebration. We had 51 that attended. There were 29 members, 7 less-active, and 15 investigators.

How Many Missionaries Does It Take To Find A Lost Key?

At District Meeting we had an adventure of sorts. The Elders had to get a key to the Stake Center for our meeting because the Zone Leaders, who usually have the key and weren’t there, forgot to leave the key for them. They did round up the key and came back to the building all smiles. The smiles quickly faded as they realized that the key had dropped somewhere in the car. Here are the pictures of the event . . . which did result in the finding of the key.

As you can see we made it in the building.

Since it was the 4th of July, the couples provided treats of chips, dip, and veggies.

Need we say more?

After a great lesson we played "Missionary Jeopardy". Can you read the categories?

Who Am I? – Songs of the soul – Who said it? – Church History – and PMG (Preach My Gospel). It was fun and we learned a lot. Mostly that these Elders are very SMART! and FAST!