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Busy, busy and an outpouring of blessings

We have been busy, busy, busy. Elder Jackson is grateful that he retired so he could relax! NOT. We are happy to be working here and reaping the blessings of serving the Lord and the people of the area.

For example here are a couple of graphs that show what has been happening in our area. Our mission’s goal is “Continual Improvement” so hopefully we can keep it up.

This graph shows Sacrament Meeting attendance by Less actives and Investigators.


This graph shows lessons taught to Less Actives and Investigators.


We have a less active family of 7 that has become active again. On June 24th, one of their sons received a Priesthood advancement to a Priest and another received the Aaronic Priesthood and became a Deacon. Their 8 year old daughter was baptized by her father, who was called as 2nd Councilor in the Branch Presidency. What a day for celebration.

Such a darling happy girl!

This baptism was on June 24th and then on July 1st we had another baptism.

Sister Jackson was busy on June 30th making food for a linger – longer. It was half-way day (half -way through the year) but she did the full-way on the food she fixed.

Saturday cooking.

Food, food and more food.



The tall gentleman next to Elder Jackson was baptized.


Plenty of food for everyone.

Lots of people enjoying each others company.







Great times with friends.

Lots of hungry people.










We are being very blessed. Our branch members are being blessed.

We are excited about the upcoming month of July!

July 2012 Branch Happenings Board








Tragedy, sadness and an outpouring of love and support.

Sunday morning, June 24th a tragedy happened in our branch. There was a fire that destroyed 4 homes, one was a members house, and an 11 year old member of our branch died in the fire. Two of her siblings were able to escape out an upstairs window and jump to safety off the burning roof. They are healing with non life-threatening burns.

The house, a duplex was destroyed

The houses on each side were also burned


Our hearts ache for this family. The community has reached out to them in many ways. Over 400 attended the funeral and another 200 came to the viewing/reception to visit with the family before the funeral.

Elder Jackson visits with Branch members before the funeral.

The cute T-shirts were a fundraiser for the family who lost everything . . . including their daughter.

The funeral was held in the High School Auditorium to allow for the huge crowd. Notice the bicycle on the stage behind the casket.

Gia's favorite color was purple and there was purple everywhere. The t-shirts were purple, and many, many wore purple clothes, and of course there were purple balloons as decorations and then sent up to heaven.

The day after the funeral the community held fundraiser for the 4 families that lost their homes. In addition to mountains of clothes and household supplies that were donated, they raised over $20,000.00 dollars. The out pouring of love was amazing.


Barn Building, Flowers, Visits, and Prayers still being answered

How is your balance? Could you do this?

A busy group of Mennonite men quickly build a barn


Backyard flowers

Such beauty

We are grateful for the beautiful world in which we live.


We had a visit from Elder Jackson’s sister Evie and her husband Larry as they traveled through the area. We loved having them here for the afternoon and overnight. We only wish we could have had a much longer visit.

Evie and Larry trying out some of the visual aids we use in our lessons.


Here is the latest update from our daughter Melissa. We are being so blessed and are grateful for your prayers in her behalf.
Hello everyone,
Sorry to be a little long in letting you know the results of the last PET scan. I was quite sick last week with what my doctor thinks is gastritis. I’m better but still have to be careful what I eat, etc. Apparently it’s something that can take a while, even several months, to completely go away. So we’ll see. I’m eating a limited diet, and feel tons better, so I hope that will continue to help my body heal.I meet with my doctor this Friday, so I haven’t actually seen the scans, but his office called and said everything looked improved. The word the report uses is “unremarkable.” So, I guess if there’s nothing worth “remarking” about that’s good in the medical world. :-) I asked if the cancer is still there, and they said yes, but it’s looks even better than it was the last time. I asked about the spot in my right lung, and they said that looks smaller, too. So, at least this time it didn’t grow more.Thank you again so much for your prayers. I don’t even know how to describe how grateful I am that Heavenly Father is blessing me in such a wonderful way. Love you all!