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Trip to Lancaster, PA

We took a trip to the south-east part of our mission to Lancaster. We met a friend of Sister Jackson’s brother and had dinner and a wonderful visit. Tim lives close to Lancaster and it was delightful to meet and visit with him and Karen. We attended church there the next morning and because of the weather from Hurricane Sandy we drove home Sunday afternoon, a day early. Of course we spend the afternoon Saturday visiting many of the fun Amish sights.

Lots of wonderful shops and things to see. We love the Amish culture.

We were in quilt heaven with the many Amish Quilt shops.

It was an adventure going to meet Tim and Karen for dinner. We came down an alley to see this sign marking the entrance to the "Horse Inn" restaurant.

This was painted on the brick wall outside.

The booths were in horse stalls. Very unique. Here we are after dinner enjoying each others company.

Visiting Teaching and Branch Activities

Sister Jackson made a Visiting Board for the Sisters to post their visits and contacts with sisters in our branch. So far it is working well. We love the branch sisters and all the efforts that they make to help and support each other.

This is what the board looks like. Love all the contact from sister to sister.

This shows how the visiting teachers record their contacts.

Flowers are put by sisters names when visited by other than their visiting teachers.

We had a fun Chili fest and branch activity. We love to eat in our Branch!

And of course, always fun activities for the children.


Making Blankets for the Linus Project

We had a wonderful time making blankets for children.

Elder Jackson supervises a quilt being tied.

Fleece blankets being tied to edge.

Many willing hands making quilts for children

The quilts just keep adding up and getting cuter and cuter.

Look at all the cute and warm blankets. In total we completed about 20 and have several more out with sisters to complete at home.

Many hands make the work easy.




Mission Meetings and a New Couple to our Zone!

We love to be with the young Elders. They are amazing.

Elder Richards leads us in a hymn.

Is everyone singing? Good job Elder Jackson.

At lunch with our Zone.

Sister Jackson teaches a Future Missionary.

We are happy to welcome a new couple to our Zone. Elder and Sister Hicken. We already love them and look forward to working with them.

Our District with Elder and Sister Hicken

Fall Color and Rides and Hikes

It is sooooooooooo beautiful here.

This is downtown Wellsboro. They decorate and celebrate so many things here.

We went on a hike to see Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon. We had a wonderful time and the canyon is beautiful.

Another view.

Some friends took us 4-wheeling to see the rim of the canyon.

Here is what it looked like from the back seat.

Another day, we went on a hike along the rim and on a trail with Sue, our awesome landlady and friends Joan and Bev. Elder Jackson was taking the picture. It was cold but we had fun.

Catching our breath during the hike.

Do you see a trail? Well, we thought it was one . . . and ended up lost but hiked to the top and back down and made it home before dark . . . and realized that we are somewhat OUT OF SHAPE!


A visit to the Erie Canal

We took a preparation day to drive to Syracuse, New York to get a cord for Elder Jackson’s Ipad. While there we visited the Erie Canal Museum and Lock 24, where there was a wonderful restaurant.

A painting of the Erie Canal in Syracuse, New York. This shows what it was like during the time the canal was being used.

Sister Jackson learns how to work the Weighlock. Love the technology.

This chart shows how the boats made the climb from Albany to Buffalo.

A mural on the building next door to the museum which was formerly a weigh dock when the canal was there.

The view from Lock 24 on the Erie Canal.

Sister Jackson looks at the old and the new gates of Lock 24.

The Canal System

Lock 24 and the restaurant where we had lunch.

Elder Jackson checking out the maps.


Bucket List check off . . . Splitting Wood!

Just in case you think you can’t check off things from your bucket list while serving a mission I can tell you that I did. We went a couple of weeks ago to help the Deats family split and stack wood for the winter. We got a lot done but we did not finish. Elder Jackson and I went back to help them complete the task. Without all the strong men present I got to run the splitter. Are you impressed with my strength! Well not to disappoint you . . . I used a very powerful (21 tons pressure) splitter.


It was such a big load by the time we finished that we wondered if the trailer would make in up the hill.

Another look at the load. Check out the low tires. We love to be of service.