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One last stop in Pennsylvania

We made a stop in what used to be the Colesville/Harmony area many years ago.

Elder Jackson at the Priesthood Commemoation Site.

Elder Jackson at the Priesthood Commemoration Site.


Can you believe this awesome climbing tree. Sister Jackson wanted to climb it but it wouldn’t work in her skirt.


Marker for the infant baby of Joseph and Emma Smith.


Markers for Emma’s parents, Isaac and Elizabeth Hale.


This is what the original marker looked like. Sister Jackson was here when she was 6 years old and remembers seeing this stone.


Our car enjoyed a short rest.


Lunch with our Mitchell Family and loading the car and trailer . . . twice

Our wonderful landlady, Sue, took us to lunch in between loading the car and cleaning the apartment.


Sue and Elder Jackson at lunch

Lunch with Sue

Pat and Jerry Mitchell came too.

We will miss the Mitchell family. They adopted us while we were here. Sue is the BEST landlady in the world.

We seem to have more than we brought!

We seem to have more than we brought! Elder Jackson looks a bit concerned.














We had the trailer almost loaded and started on the car. We are really good at packing.

The packed car

The packed car from the back.


Another view . . . we are getting good at packing . . . maybe.



The loaded trailer. We made it. It is all in!


Tuesday morning, trying to hitch up the trailer to the car. Hmmmm. this is NOT working. The trailer AND the car are toooooo heavy.


Unpacking the trailer Tuesday morning . . . when we thought we were ready to leave.


Deciding what to take and what to leave. Brother and Sister McCardell came to help.


The repacked car. We had to eliminate the weight in the car to get the trailer to hitch up.


We did it . . . but left many things behind with all our happy memories.




















We are finally on our way. We will post a trip report later.



A P-Day Activity to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon with the Lock Haven and Mansfield Missionaries

We took a fun day for a beautiful hike at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The Sisters from Lock Haven and the Sr. Couple from Lock Haven joined the Mansfield Sisters and us for the activity.

We had an early breakfast at our apartment before we left for the hike.

We had an early breakfast at our apartment before we left for the hike.


The weather was perfect to eat outside.


Some of us ate inside.


It was great to have help in the kitchen.


Cute missionary sisters!


What a view!


And we begin the journey down to the bottom of the canyon.


The sister found a cave?? to sit under.


A bigger one.


Sister power as this Sister holds the rock up by herself.


We love these awesome sisters.


Elder Jackson supervises.


Love the waterfall and of course the cute Elder.


Sisters getting lots of pictures.


Companions and friends forever.


Beautiful sisters and scenery.


Taking a break.


She did NOT go in the water . . . but she got as close as possible!


Checking out bridge structures.


What a beautiful area. This Sister saw it up close and personal.


We all made it all the way down AND back up!


They said this trail is only 1 mile down but 5 miles coming back up. Yup! They are correct.


Back at the apartment for lunch and to check emails. Keep those letters coming.


Checking emails while waiting for lunch.


We love these Sisters.


Cumorah Pageant 2013

We are making several trips to the Pageant this year with members and investigators. We will keep adding to the pictures in this section for all trips.

Two of our friends with King Noah and Abinadi.

Two of our friends with King Noah and Abinadi.

Scene from the pageant

Scene from the pageant

Here are pictures from trip #2

Picking up friends to go to pageant.

Picking up friends to go to pageant.


Two Cute girls!


Loading up the cars.


Visiting before the pageant begins.


Brother McCardell keeps us entertained.


Elder Jackson visits before the program begins. Can you see the stage in the background?


Ready for the show to start.




















The 3rd and last trip.

Posing with the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Posing with the Prophet Joseph Smith.


And one of the Wise Men.


And then the wind whipped up. Look at the flags and notice the storm blowing in.


Some of the cast huddle as the rain starts. Rain, Rain and more rain.













It rained and poured until time to start. They waited an extra 10 minutes and then the lightening started and so they had to cancel the performance. It was sad to miss the program. The Visitor Center was wonderful however. We had fun and made it home safely through all the lightening, thunder, and rain.




Great start for June 2013 . . .

Exciting activities and happenings for June in the Mansfield Branch.

Exciting activities and happenings for June in the Mansfield Branch.

We took a branch trip to the Palmyra Temple. Some of the newest members performed baptisms for their ancestors. After we took some of them to see some of the historic sites near the temple.

Elder Jackson standing in the upstairs of the Joseph Smith home.

Elder Jackson standing in the upstairs of the Joseph Smith home.
The Butchers in the living room of the original home.

The Butchers in the living room of the original home.

In the kitchen of the newer Smith home.

In the kitchen of the newer Smith home.

The men check out the engineering of the barn.

The men check out the engineering of the barn.

The view of the Palmyra Temple from the Smith Farm.

The view of the Palmyra Temple from the Smith Farm.

Walking toward the Grove.

Walking toward the Grove.

Entering the Sacred Grove

Entering the Sacred Grove

We felt such a special sacred feeling here.

We felt such a special sacred feeling here.




Jacksons take a P-Day (Personal time and Preparation Day)

Sister Jackson went to 1st grade in Ithaca, New York where her father was a student at Cornell University. She had not been back since then. Realizing that things had changed in the years between then and now (we won’t mention how many years it was but if you guessed 60 you would be close), we decided to drive the 1 and 1/2 hours to see what it looks like now. We could not find her elementary school or where she had lived. Apparently the elementary school and the temporary student housing have been torn down. She did remember some of the campus buildings. Here are some pictures of  Ithaca and Cornell.

Cornell University Campus today

It was beautiful and just being there brought back happy memories.

We then headed toward Palmyra, New York and some Church History sites.

Peter Whitmer Log Home in Waterloo, New York

This is where the Church was organized in 1830. We enjoyed our visit to the visitors center here.

We drove next to Palmyra and the Grandin Building, the historic Book of Mormon Publication site.

The presses used to print the Book of Mormon. Notice the pages hanging to dry.

Sister Jackson folding a 16 page sheet

The outside of the print shop

We then went to the Smith family farm and the Sacred Grove.

The house where Joseph Smith lived when he had his first vision. He would have walked out the back door to the Sacred Grove that you can see in the background.

The view out the kitchen door looking towards the Sacred Grove

The house Joseph Smith lived in when the Angel Moroni appeared to him and where he lived when he got the plates.

Walking into the Sacred Grove

We drove over to the Hill Cumorah and the Visitors Center just a few miles away where the Pageant was held.

Angel Moroni statue on the Hill Cumorah

It was a special and spiritual day. We enjoyed the time together and the opportunity to be in such sacred places.

One week later we spent a fun evening riding the Tioga Central Railroad near where we live. We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed the train ride, dinner and beautiful scenery. What can we say . . . we miss trains!

Tioga Central Railroad

Inside the dining car taken from our table. The food was all prepared right on the train and was delicious.

A beautiful sunset taken from the train.


Beauty all around us

Each week as we drive to District meeting we see wonderful scenery. Enjoy the beauty of north-north-central Pennsylvania.



Green as far as you can see.


Clouds and sun are beautiful here.


Mansfield University from the highway.




Getting to know the Pennsylvania roads . . . up close and personal.

We have spent the week visiting members, less actives, and part member families. We have met some wonderful people. We have traveled to many parts of our branch area. Our area is about 30 by 70 miles. The Mansfield Branch has 250 members with 145 families. Between 50 and 75 members attend each Sunday so there is a lot of work to do.


Mansfield Branch Area

Our mission area is very large and with up, down, and windy country roads. I’m not sure how to spell windy as in roads that wind around NOT windy as the wind is blowing. If you know how the spelling differs please let me know . . . if not, just say it the right way so this makes sense!

Here is a different view of our area. This is the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission area with our Branch outlined in red. So far we have put 3,640 miles on our Toyota Sienna (Isi) since we left home on November 12. Wow! That was less than a month ago. We are grateful that Isi gets such good mileage.

Our Branch area size compared to the entire Mission area.